Starting anything is impossible without the support of friends, believers, advisors, supporters, and family. There are many people without whom Preface Ventures would not exist — and I hesitate to name them for fear of forgetting someone. But I will try:

  • My dear family and closest friends, who believed in Preface from day one. Specifically my mother, father, and brother. …

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Preface Fund II, a $23M inaugural institutional fund that will help start and grow enduring companies that build enterprise infrastructure technology that no one else can — and that everyone needs.

Farooq Abbasi, GP of Preface Ventures

Over the past year, the pandemic has turned the world upside down, and fundraising was no exception. 90% of Fund II was raised over Zoom, and I’m grateful to the endowments, institutions, and individual investors who placed their faith and funds in Preface to empower founders during this unprecedented time. …

The last several weeks have been eye-opening into the systemic racism that exists across our society. Unfortunately the recent events are not a new phenomenon — just more visible in a world of social media and smartphones. From Congress to the Police to even our small industry of venture capital, the decision makers who impact livelihoods are far from representative of the total populace.

I have been very troubled, but at the same time, incredibly touched by the outpouring in the wake of George Floyd’s killing. Folks have shared their stories about how they don’t feel safe in our society…

Preface Ventures

The capital before the story.

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